Sick Fund Overview

What is the Laundry Sickfund?

It is a “pay as you go” fund, to which a large number of people contribute to help with unexpected medical expenses when needed.

The unique nature of the Laundry Industry’s Sickfund:

The Fund has been in existence since 1955, but does not fall under the Medical Schemes Act. It also has a low contribution rate and provides limited benefits, which are designed specifically for the laundry, cleaning & dyeing industry in the Western Cape.

It is a fund that recognizes that members may be ill from time to time and provides financial relief to both EMPLOYEES and EMPLOYERS?

Employees may claim against their MBA (Medical Benefit Allowance) of up to R1120p.a. Employers may claim a SDA (Sick Day Allowance), which reimburses an employer R35pd for up to 12 days for each employee who is unable to work due to ill health.

How do I qualify for membership?

All employees within the industry are obliged to automatically become members. They must contribute from the 1st full calendar month of employment. Members must have made at least 5 (FIVE) months of contributions before they may receive their SICKFUND card and claim benefits.

The Medical Benefit Allowance is pro-rated in the first year, based upon the month that members first join.

What happens when I qualify for benefits?

A SICKFUND card will be issued with the members name, your employer and a UNIQUE SICKFUND membership number. Your employer must stamp your card every 3(THREE) months to remain valid.

What is difference between the benefit date and the date of service?

The benefit date is the date on your medical aid card and indicates the date up until when you are entitled to benefits.

The date of service is the actual date that you went to the doctor, dentist, pharmacist etc.

How do I submit a claim?

All accounts received from your doctor, dentist, pharmacist, and hospital etc., can be forwarded to the Fund for payment. All you need to do is sign the account, write your SICKFUND number on it and submit it by hand or post.

How and when do I get paid?

We prefer to make electronic payments. Claims are generally paid out within 30 days of receipt. Employers may deliver claim forms and may collect a cheque on behalf of their employees, provided they have a signed letter and copy of the employees ID.

How do employers receive reimbursement for sick leave taken by their employees?